Beyond the Driving Test



Michelin collaborated with Vans to encourage teens to take control of their tire safety. The incentive: a pair of limited-edition Michelin-themed Vans shoes! All teens had to do to enter the #StreetTreadContest was check their tires and share a photo. Many did, and 100 won!

Why are we giving away free shoes?

If teen drivers think about air pressure and tread depth at all, it has more to do with the shoes on their feet than the shoes on their cars. Crashes are the [1] No. 1 killer of teens in America. It's shocking, and too many are related to tire issues such as worn treads and over- or under-inflated tires — things that are simple to check if you have a penny and tire pressure gauge.

The Prize

Michelin has selected 100 teen drivers to receiving these exclusive, limited-edition sneakers!

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About Beyond the Driving Test

Automobile accidents are the [1] No. 1 killer of teens in the U.S. What's more, Of the 2.2 million U.S. accidents each year, nearly 300,000 involve teen drivers and are related to tire issues such as worn treads and over- or under-inflated tires, according to analysis by the [2] National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. To address this serious threat to the nation's youngest drivers, Michelin is expanding its Beyond the Driving Test program. Michelin wants teens to take action by checking their tire pressure and tread depth monthly - two life-saving measures that are simple and easy to do.

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